Honorable members


Honorable members:

  • Prof. Horace Roman (France)
  • Attila Bokor (Hungary)
  • V. Hatzirafail (Greece)
  • Joerg Keckstein (Austria)


Founding Members:

  • Prof. Dr. Radu Vlădăreanu
  • Prof. Dr. Elvira Brătilă
  • Prof. Dr. Monica Cîrstoiu
  • Prof. Dr. Simona Vlădăreanu


The members of the scientific committee:

  • Prof. Dr. Onofriescu Mircea
  • Prof.Dr. Suciu Nicolae
  • Prof. Dr. Anca Stănescu
  • Prof. Dr. Mihu Dan
  • Prof. Dr. Gheorghe Peltecu
  • Rubin Munteanu
  • Prof. Dr. Marginean Claudiu
  • Prof. Dr. Dorin Grigoras
  • Prof. Dr. Puscasiu Lucian
  • Prof. Dr. .Muresan Daniel
  • Conf. Dr. Liana Ples
  • Conf. Dr. Claudia Mehedintu
  • Conf.Dr.Berceanu Costin
  • Dr. Andrei Muller Funogea

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